About Me

My name is Alexandra. I go by Alex, usually. Al, by some. (I only think of Al being a fat balding man).
I love to write, however, my minds runs a mile a second. Please forgive any awful grammar mistakes.
Somehow, someway, I've decided to pursue a career in elementary education. (God be with me ;) )
I am a senior in college. 20 years old. I have been blessed to be married to my best friend. :) Wait what?? Married? 20? Yeah, well remember that saying that God laughs at our plans? ;)

Oh, and I am forgetting something..
My name is Alexandra. My identity is as a daughter of Christ. Somewhere along the short span of my life, God smacked me in the face and said "Ay, my child, pursue me!". I mean, essentially that is what i heard. Ever since then, I have been completely and utterly consumed and submerged in the wonderful glory of God. He has turned my life completely upside down, and it has taken me awhile, but I am so grateful for what He has done. One of my main goals of this blog is to document the most beautiful love story I have been introduced to: truly knowing Jesus. The life of following Jesus is by no means easy. I want this blog to be a profession to whoever it is that may happen to stumble upon it that life with Jesus is so well worth it. It is empowering. It is encouraging. It is equipping, and most of all, it is full of love. It is the eye-opening, heart-breaking realization that there is so much hurt in this world, but with have faith. For He has overcome the world.

So maybe this will just be a journal about my many ramblings. Maybe I will be the only visitor, and hey, it's not pitiful. If you're insane enough to keep coming back, I [ray that Jesus will use this as an outlet so that you may begin to know Him and experience His glorious presence and power.

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