Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Wonder What You See in Me

Sorry for all of the posts all at once. You see, I'm one of those people who start a million things, and sometimes forget to tie the ends of all the projects I have began. So I am attempting to funnel my sixteen thousand blogs into one. :)

Bear with me.

Wherever you are right now, close your eyes. Listen. It honestly doesn't matter where you are because there's a high chance you're listening to what I'm about to discuss. If you're all alone in the quiet right now, think about the last conversation you had with someone.

I'm thinking about what I heard at work a few days ago. The casual conversation I walked past in class. The words that a friend and I shared. Gossip. They say we talk about other people to make ourselves feel better. Have you had someone talk about you? Well chances are, unless you live in the woods by yourself ( I don't know how you're reading this) you have been spoken about.

This has been something I've realized I need to work on. When I was in high school, in order to make friends, you were supposed to agree, or at least listen to one friend bash on another. You know that feeling when your heart is shattered, your soul feels broken, and all they can do is stare? When the people you trusted turned on you. The exposed you to the very last inch.Your face is flushed, and your name is on the tongues of people who've never really met your heart.

And what could you do? I know that when I would get mad, I would write about it. It helped me vent my feelings, and even unmask a little about myself. But what about you? Did you walk away? Forgive and forget?

God has forgiven, but he does not forget. In order to rebuild us, in order to recreate us and renew us in a sense that we can be spotless, God has forgiven. But what is grace if it was created for nothing? We have been forgiven. Not because of what we've done, but what was done for us. He took our mistakes. Our mistakes are still there. They still happened, and we will never be able to change that. But that spot where we broke down, that's where God reminds us that who we've been is not who we are. We are forgiven. We can still see our sin, but instead of shame, it is washed clean by the love of Jesus. Present, but blameless and purified by the blood of the lamb. Forgiven, not forgotten, but changed for the better.

I guess what I am trying to get at is that it is so easy to count the faults of other people, because for some stupid reason, we think that just because of Grace, we are flawless. Well, newsflash: JESUS is the only SPOTLESS, blameless, and flawless person. Yes, we've been forgiven, but there was something that we did that needed to be forgive in order to make us clean again. God sent his Son for all of us so that we may be saved. So that we may freely rejoice in the secure hope of never again having to earn Heaven or love. It was laid out before us. Jesus is just a taste of all eternity, and look how amazing He is.

Just think next time. Try and stop yourself. Because your degrading words demean the crazy fantastic gift of grace God has given us. Everyone deserves a chance. In fact, they deserve 7 X70 times. Focus on using the tools God has equipped you with to rebuild the hearts of others for the better, and when you feel like you need to do a little tweeking to someone else, tear down your own wall of pride.

That is all. :)

Love Endlessly, seeking God in every moment.
Let Him consume you in a glory so unfathomable.
Cry out to the Healer.
Find your comfort and rest in Him.
Let your faith secure you with love and happienss.
Pray without ceasing
May God bless you today and always. <3

Why Jesus is my Favorite

Do you know who you are?

Maybe not. But I know who you are. You are important. :) Jesus has seen you grow, did you know that?

Think back a little.. To the darkest night.
Remember being there? Remember the feeling of complete and utter hopelessness? And what could you do but cry. You were so broken on this night. Even the darkness felt your sorrow, as the heavy air that weighed on you only pushed the tears more. All curled up. All alone.

But guess what? On that bed you were laying on, in the midst of your completely broken heart, Jesus was there. He saw how dark the night was. He saw the tears you shed. He sat there and He held you. He wept with you. Do you remember? Close your eyes. You can see him there now. You remember.
And when the crying ceased and the numbness crept in, Jesus gave you one second of peace. For one second, everything all compiled in the mess of everything went away. And there you were. A child once again. You needed someone bigger. Someone who could reach the top shelf for you. Someone to give you a curfew and someone who would remain consistent while the rest of your broken life shattered all around you.

And maybe you couldn't see Him, but he was working. He was preparing His path for you. And guess what? He still is :)

I know who you are. You are someone valuable, beautiful, and absolutely wonderful, whether you think so or not. And Jesus? Oh man does He love you. I mean, look. How far you've come from that dark night. There will be more, unfortunately. But I pray that you will find peace in knowing that wherever you might end up, God has a purpose for your life, and never ever will you be abandoned. There's no room too dark for Jesus. There's no heart too broken, no mind too messed up, and certainly there is no running away from His love and Glory. :)

God bless you all.
I pray that God will equip you to triumph in His name this weekend, whatever plans He has set out for you. And never forget you are loved. <3


It has been a long time.. But here is my new post. Hopefully this is something that I will continue to follow up with. You'll have to excuse my writing. I have a lot to say, and I am passionate about the words I want to express, but sometimes a million thoughts can crash together and my words can be a little jumbled. So we will see where this goes. :)

Faith. Faith means believing in things that can't be seen, right? I mean when you really think about it, it is a scary thing. When you put your faith in something, you are sticking up for something that cannot stand by logic alone. You're trusting in something deeper than merely what the eye can see. When you have faith in something, you are ultimately promising that 'thing' that you will stand by it, even when it seems like there is no way of success.

So what about faith in God? What can we say about that? We'll first and foremost, we can say that faith in the world we live in now is a really powerful thing. There are so many dark and scary things present, and there are so many people that will tell you that having faith in God is a waste of time. That it is something that will leave you hoping, and constantly blinded from the world around you.

The way that I see it is this: You can wake up and see the dark world around you, and you can be consumed by it. You can give it your heart, and you can let the world control it. It will constantly remind you of your failures, and the mistakes you have made. You will have to earn the 'love' that every human wants. And every day you will wake up wishing for something more. In a world without faith and grace, there is not a lot of joy. But what if that was not the choice we made? What if we woke up and searched for our purpose in that day? It's another day that someone out there needs to be reminded that they are loved, that they are beautiful and that they are valuable. We could spend our lives looking at all the bad things that are happening or have happened, or we could choose joy. We could choose to live for a greater purpose than ourselves. I think that the moment we choose to live for something bigger than ourselves, we find a different sense of joy. A joy that gives us hope that there's a little more to life than waking up to a sorrow-filled world everyday.

You have a purpose, and if you're willing, you better believe God is going to use you.
Seek him, and He will lead you.
Be blessed.