Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Good News

>You know the truth.. so now act on it!
["Changing direction in life is not tragic.. Losing passion is."]- Max Lucado
  You know the Truth:

  • Don't be selfish with God's Word. Let it spread like a wild-fire, consuming anything and everything in its path. Keep the flame burning.
    • Isaiah 42:20- You see and recognize what is right, but you refuse to act on it. You hear with your ears, but you don't really listen.
  • God knows you. He has a time for you, and a purpose. God wants you to seek Him. He wants you to deliver His Word to those who need it. Very seldom does God ask you to do this solely with words. In fact, He never asked you to say anything. God's strengthening you to complete His Will. Do not resist. You've already been saved. You cannot lose the Salvation already given to you through Christ.
    • Exodus 18:19- Now listen to me, and let me give you a word of advice, and may God be with you. You should continue to be the people's representation before God, bringing their disputes to Him.
(You know the power and the joy of God's amazing Grace.. Don't you want others to find it; to feel it?)

  • Pray to the Lord. He's given you your own unique way to spread His Word. Listen for Him, and He will speak to you.
    • Joshua 5:14- I am the commander of the Lord's army.. I am at your control, what do you want your servant to do?
  • You've been equipped by God for a purpose. He's given you initiative. He's led you along the way. He remains always. Now all you have to do is take it in. Accept it, live for it, and let Him in. He will never fail you.. Ever. Let go of your life; hold on to Him.
    • Romans 9:11-12- But before they were born, before they had done anything good or bad, she received a message from God. (This message shows that God chooses his people according to his own purposes; he calls people, but not according to their good or bad work.)
God's set you apart as something special.. He has a plan for you. Now all you have to do is trust Him.. Are you ready?

Christianity (:

Christianity is a lot like a tree. We, as Christians, are the branches. We're all stretched out trying to touch the sky. Much like branches on a tree, each of our lives correlate and touch with those of others. The way that we move and the path that we choose to take affects others on the same branch as us. We're all reaching out because all that we want is to truly touch the sky. What I believe is that because of Grace, we don't have to worry about reaching the sky. The sky is reaching out closer and closer to touch us. We don't realize that God's made everything work so that our branches can each group separately together. And if God is the trunk, the stable foundation holding us up from below and the sky, pulling us up so that we can stand tall without hesitation, what could ever be against? With God, we can do all things. He is our fortress, He is our heart, He is our Savior. We need to focus our eyes on Him and seek His will in all that we do.

God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.
He's speaking, you've just got to be listening. <3

Philippians 4:13
God Bless! :) 

I need You.

The solution I'm so desperately searching for is right in front of me.
It's where it's always been and will always remain.
I know the truth of it all; in my heart.
But still, I hesitate to run to it.
What's holding me back, now?
I want nothing more than to find some peace
For my restless soul that's screaming out to me!
Take my hand
I'll take Your Word.
Illuminate my steps.
I'll follow Your way.
Lead me in the right direction,
I won't stop until I'm on my knees.
Bowing in Your glory.
I'm broken, you know.
I don't know how I'll ever get back,
Or if that was even the place for me.
All I can see right now is You.
I can't trust anything else.
The world has become so dark,
Yet your light still manages to illuminate the crowd.
Right now, You are all I know.
You are the only sense in this senseless world.
I don't know where I'm going,
Or how exactly I will get there.
But I'll take your hand and pray.
Please stay by my side.
Never keep me out of Your sight.
For You have permanently opened my eyes,
And now all I can see is You.
I will never leave, my Father.
Oh King of the world.
Please, I pray,
Do not abandon me.
You are the strength of my life.
The Light of the world.

John 11:22

God is Near

A passing face.
And I can see Your grace.
A shout in the crowd,
I'm listening for it now.
A touch of the fire
Ignites my heart.
And I won't stand still.
You won't let me go.
It's now I recognize
Your passing face.
Your amazing grace.
I shout through the crowd.
Please Lord, hear me now.
You are everything I know.
You are the all-consuming fire
Taking place within my soul.

Matthew 6:34

Here it is.. My first post! This is weird, right? I mean, how many teenagers do you know who blog? Okay.. Maybe you know many! I am so very new at this, so you will have to forgive my extreme naiveness concerning this technological world. I guess I could start this off by telling about myself, so here goes nothing..

I was raised by a family of Christians. My mom, a devout Christian along with my father and grandparents. My childhood consisted of kool-aide and cookies on Sunday to Bible stories cross-words. I loved it from the beginning. I've grown up living in a place where some of the standard 'norms' can be extremely oppressive. *I must preface anything I might say in this blog by saying, I do not mean to speak poorly or put down anyone. These are merely my own perspectives/perceptions.* Growing up, I found that my religion.. (I don't like that word).. relationship with Christ.. has been tested tremendously. I must give so much credit of my steady faith to the support of my parents and of course, my amazing Savior.

I guess my main goal is to use this blog mainly as.. not a diary, but more of a place where I can discuss the things that weigh down upon me in certain points of my life. Maybe I'll get to the point where other Christian bloggers will find my blog and understand where I am coming from; they will relate. And maybe this blog will remain unexposed and just a place where I can simply.. write out the things I cannot comprehend fully, so that I can see things from a different perspective. The way God intends me to see them. I worry all the time about so many things. I try to take control of things I never had the intention of taking direction of. I fail everytime. I keep forgetting that God is with me always and that I cannot do any of this alone because I am not supposed to. This life wasn't meant for me to live alone. So I will not worry, because today has what it needs, and God is storing up everything I will need tomorrow. He has my heart, I will give him the burden I cannot carry on my own. Praise our God! The One who is, who was, and who is yet to come. <3

Thank you for visiting. :)
God Bless
John 8:32