Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why Jesus is my Favorite

Do you know who you are?

Maybe not. But I know who you are. You are important. :) Jesus has seen you grow, did you know that?

Think back a little.. To the darkest night.
Remember being there? Remember the feeling of complete and utter hopelessness? And what could you do but cry. You were so broken on this night. Even the darkness felt your sorrow, as the heavy air that weighed on you only pushed the tears more. All curled up. All alone.

But guess what? On that bed you were laying on, in the midst of your completely broken heart, Jesus was there. He saw how dark the night was. He saw the tears you shed. He sat there and He held you. He wept with you. Do you remember? Close your eyes. You can see him there now. You remember.
And when the crying ceased and the numbness crept in, Jesus gave you one second of peace. For one second, everything all compiled in the mess of everything went away. And there you were. A child once again. You needed someone bigger. Someone who could reach the top shelf for you. Someone to give you a curfew and someone who would remain consistent while the rest of your broken life shattered all around you.

And maybe you couldn't see Him, but he was working. He was preparing His path for you. And guess what? He still is :)

I know who you are. You are someone valuable, beautiful, and absolutely wonderful, whether you think so or not. And Jesus? Oh man does He love you. I mean, look. How far you've come from that dark night. There will be more, unfortunately. But I pray that you will find peace in knowing that wherever you might end up, God has a purpose for your life, and never ever will you be abandoned. There's no room too dark for Jesus. There's no heart too broken, no mind too messed up, and certainly there is no running away from His love and Glory. :)

God bless you all.
I pray that God will equip you to triumph in His name this weekend, whatever plans He has set out for you. And never forget you are loved. <3

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